Grandfather’s Happy Birthday Sunrise

sunrise, photography, scenery

31st October. My Nana’s birthday. He is with God now. I miss him so much. This bright sunrise seemed to tell me that he was wishing me good morning.

Clicked: 31st October 2015, Sunrise time! Home, C.R. Park,  New Delhi, India


Wired Conference

parrots, birds, photography

What were they discussing so early in the morning? Screaming squawking birds! They woke me up from my sleep!

Clicked: 17th October 2015, Sleepy morning hour, Home, C.R.Park, New Delhi, India

The Lonely Aegle Marmelos

Aegle Marmelos, bael, India, fruit, juice

Mommy says it is called ‘Bael’. Then she looks up Wikipedia and adds that it is also called the Aegle Marmelos, the Bengal quince, the Japanese bitter orange, or the stone apple. I am not yet seven! My brains don’t need so many names for one fruit!

Clicked: 12th July 2015, Forgotten the time!, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India