Green Buds Waiting To Bloom


A lonely snapdragon does not look nice. Together they look pretty. All by ourselves we are nothing. We need friends and family. Do you have them?

Clicked: 13th February 2016, 12:34pm, Kali Bari, C.R Park, New Delhi, India


Spring Is Here!


Spring is here. Pretty flowers have started to bloom. I can also start looking pretty in sleeveless dresses once again.

Clicked: 13 February 2016, 12:34 pm, Kali Bari, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India

Trapped Air!


The tied balloons were telling me that they wanted to break free and fly off into the open. No rules! No boundary!

Clicked: 13th February 2016, 12.15 pm, B-Block Ground, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India

The Yellow Heat


I blessed myself with the fire which was burning in the ‘diya’. The ‘diya’ had been used for ‘aarti’ during the puja.

Clicked: 13th February 2016 11.03 am, Home, C.R. Park,  New Delhi, India