Drifted Away


Mum said this is called a drift wood. Where has it drifted away from? Do those who it has drifted away from miss it?

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 6:27pm, Puri Beach, Puri, Odisha


Sandy Camouflage


Not scared of the pending high tide this dog lay happily curled up on the sand.

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 6:15pm, Bay of Bengal, Puri Beach, Puri, Odisha



It was a village with dirty pathways made dirtier after the rain. Yuck! Then Mum and Nani told me that I would have to walk into the small huts because they wanted to shop. I thought they had gone insane. Then I saw this man painting. And also saw the others that he had. I was speechless.

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 10:56am, Raghurajpur, Odisha



20th June – My Nana-Nani’s marriage anniversary. I don’t have my Nanu anymore. But he is there somewhere. And when I see my Nani I know that their love for each other has been fossilized into eternity.

(Yup, Mum helped me to write this one. I would have objected but when I saw her crying after seeing this picture, I let her write)

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 9:45am, Ramkrishna Mission, Puri, Odisha

Colour Splash!


After a short flight from Kolkata, we were on the road – driving to Puri. I was happily dozing when the car came to a sudden halt. Mum and Nani decided to stop right in the middle of nowhere. Then my sleepy eyes spotted this!

Clicked: 18th June 2016, 9:52am, Pipli, Odisha