Why are these called Hot Dogs?

I asked Mumma why they are called hot dogs. She said that long ago someone had put up a poster of a dachshund dog inside a bun and was selling these at a polo match. I wanted to see the poster but she said that it has not been found yet!

Clicked: 3rd September 2016, 12.44pm, Kidzania, Noida, UP, India


Waiting To Be Pollinated


I finished eating the orange and kept the seeds on the railing for the birds and the air to pollinate it. Will I see orange trees in the gardens soon?

Clicked: 21st February 2016, 11:21am, Home, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India

The Lonely Aegle Marmelos

Aegle Marmelos, bael, India, fruit, juice

Mommy says it is called ‘Bael’. Then she looks up Wikipedia and adds that it is also called the Aegle Marmelos, the Bengal quince, the Japanese bitter orange, or the stone apple. I am not yet seven! My brains don’t need so many names for one fruit!

Clicked: 12th July 2015, Forgotten the time!, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India


food photography

I hate having pastries. But I always have the cream from the top. This cake was an exception. Everything was so creamy that I ate it all up.

Clicked: 15th June 2015, 18.24pm, India International Center, New Delhi, India

The Yummy Triangle

photography, food, South Indian, dosa

I went with my Nani and my mother to eat at this restaurant. I love eating dosas. It is healthy and delicious. I just wish it was kept on a real banana leaf instead of on a plate.

Clicked: 19th May 2015, 13.21pm, Sagar Ratna, Hotel Ashok, Delhi, India