Drifted Away


Mum said this is called a drift wood. Where has it drifted away from? Do those who it has drifted away from miss it?

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 6:27pm, Puri Beach, Puri, Odisha


Sandy Camouflage


Not scared of the pending high tide this dog lay happily curled up on the sand.

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 6:15pm, Bay of Bengal, Puri Beach, Puri, Odisha



20th June – My Nana-Nani’s marriage anniversary. I don’t have my Nanu anymore. But he is there somewhere. And when I see my Nani I know that their love for each other has been fossilized into eternity.

(Yup, Mum helped me to write this one. I would have objected but when I saw her crying after seeing this picture, I let her write)

Clicked: 20th June 2016, 9:45am, Ramkrishna Mission, Puri, Odisha

Gold Sphere


The school had given me a project to observe the phases of the moon for a fortnight. 24th April I even went out into the road late at night with my mother to hunt for it. Moonrise had not happened yet. I saw Jupiter instead. Finally the moon showed its face at 10pm. It looked more like the sun to me. It was bright golden in colour. Not its usual silvery self. Pretty sight!

Clicked: 24th April 2016, 10:00pm, Home, C R Park, New Delhi, India

Spring is here


Finally saw the green leaves after many months. How nice it feels when winter leaves.

Clicked: 24th March 2016, 11:59am, Home, C.R. Park, New Delhi, India